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About 20 months ago, two baby peacocks, Sweetpea (male)and Peachpea (female), made a home in the vacant grassy lots next door to our house.
We began caring for them and they quickly became part of a little flock with a chicken, rooster, and their babies, That we have had for many years that wandered our yard.
Recently, the property has gone delinquent in property taxes and is possibly abandoned. We are setting up a fund to raise enough money to purchase the lots once it goes into auction to ensure that the peacocks have a safe, adequate grazing and nesting habitat.
We live in an urban area (east end of Richmond), but our property is certified as a national wildlife habitat. However, we dont have room on our property to build a large enough fenced in area to keep the peacocks safe and from wandering while still not being "caged". If we acquire the lots we can secure it with fencing around the entire property so the peacocks can be kept safe and keep thier home and breeding ground land (it's a very large property, [pics coming]-we don't believe in caging essentially wild but friendly and tame Birds).
They're very playful and have distinct personalities, and also very curious, especially of people walking their dogs around the neighborhood-they see one and will follow it for blocks. We need to continue to protect them, and protect what they now call home.
The park is essential for the peacocks. They nest in a tree in the park that overhangs our home, and sleep in it all year round at night , They use the park for grazing and playing during the day and graze. Without the park, they won't have enough room to live comfortably and safely and will wander much more frequently. Not only is it important for us to acquire it so we can legally net it off from the road to create a boundary for the peacocks, but so no one else will build over the park.
The owners of the park don't live in the area and both their lot and the vacant grassy lot on the corner (both make up the park) They Should Not Be Built on, (it would be very expensive and a very tight space to build on either lot). It's best use is to remain a park and become part of our certified wildlife habitat, for the peacocks and for wild animals in the area that make their homes there. If this landgoes for auction, some money makeing developer will by it and build another Row House, squeezing them out of their home.

By donating to this fund, you are helping to ensure that these beautiful birds, as well other other animals seeking shelter, have a safe, comfortable habitat, as well as preserving nature in urban area. Donate Now, the lots will go for auction in april.

We all pick where we live, Lets Help them do the same.

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uploading photos and videos everyday

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