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Maxwell and his Mother, Necole

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  • wauchsam - Tuesday 2 October 2018 04:37
    Hi, I am Maxwell. I am 10.
    My Mother just passed suddenly, May 29 2018. Because of her passing, I was taken to foster care. My Aunt, “Aunt Tabby”, came to get me, she is my only living family.
    I am his Aunt, Tabitha, He has been in the Florida Foster Care System since His mother passed away. I can to his side as soon as I heard of heard passing, thru one of her friends. By the time I got there, He was already taken by the state and made ward of the state and in foster care.
    I have been in Florida since June, to work thru the court system to adopt him. But due the nature of her death, the courts are not making it easy for us to become a family again.
    He lost his grandmother Feb, 2017 His uncle Matt July 2017 and his other aunt Necole May 2018 and now his mother.
    I have retained a lawyer, and she has been a great help. I had to sell almost all I have, and have gone deep into debt just struggling to keep the fight for him going. I have already passed everything the courts have asked, and perfectly. And have done everything to bring him home to his family.
    I am almost there, but I am exhausted, my resources are exhausted. I am working during the day and seeing him every day. I promised him I would not give up on him. He has been thru so much in his short ten years, he just wants to come home. Please Help us bring him home soon.
    Please donate, or share this with your friends and family, We all need our family, let’s give him his.