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We all seen the "Church Hill Peas" But what most don't know is how they got here.


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  • sweetpea - 1
    I have heard a lot of opinions, from god's angels to they flew in from South America. We may never know for sure.

    It was 3 years back, Around April Or May. At the time we have had chickens and ducks for a few years. Most knew about them, although fenced in the back yard. We have had a few people bring us birds they could keep or where sick, and even pick up a few rescues.

    One morning, I come out on the front porch, and found these two huddled in a corner. They were cold,weak and hungry. We had two baby chickens (Roo and Little Chicken) in a brooder, so we placed them in with them and gave them there names. Little Chicken past away last year.

    As they got bigger, They would just wander around house, all four thought they owned the place. It was a mess, lots of paper towels. too cold to put them out. But spring came again.

    Time for them to go. so I built them a house under the porch. Worked really well, until they got bigger, and started flying. So Now it is a Green house.

    I purchased the property next door to put their new home on. and had it Registered as a federal wild life habitat.

    So now Peachpea & Sweetpea found their home. Lucky us! so, Now Peachpea, Sweetpea. Roo and Mrs Roo, (little chicken's replacement for roo), live happily ever after. So, why they are here, Same reason we all are, It's where Life lead us.

    There is so much more to the story about the four, Peachpea is in love with Roo, Peachpea hatch a duck last year. I will post all about these things.
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